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Find the Best Time (if you know where you want to go) and the Best Place (if you already know when)!

If you know when and where you want to travel, we’ll list cities that have what we believe is pleasant weather for the traveler.

  • Cost of Living Index

    Tourist’s Daily Cost of Living shows you what you minimally might want to budget per day if you sought average accommodations and food.  While it often varies according to which part of the city you are in, we try to give you an “overall feel” for what you might expect to pay as a tourist.  This value often contrasts dramatically with the Cost of Living for local residents.

    This number, shown in US dollars, indicates the estimated total of standard daily expenses for one person:

    • Brunch -Three-Star Restaurant
    • Dinner - Three-Star Restaurant
    • Three-Star Hotel One Room Per Night

    Rates sometimes changes throughout the year depending on high or low tourist seasons. We rate on HIGH season so you can feel comfortable in using this general gauge.

  • See Lodgings, Restaurants, and other tourist services DIRECTLY through THEIR web site

Every travel link in www.besttimetogo.com goes DIRECTLY to the web site of restaurants, hotels, and other travel services. We are NOT a middleman; no twists and turns. Whatever discounts or specials they offer are yours to get, directly. There is no booking fee from us. You can arrange for services directly from the source.

We will link you directly with all sorts of lodging from luxury hotels, quaint B &Bs, inexpensive hostels, and everything in between, worldwide or nearby. You instantly can see any deals they offer and choose the exact room or amenities you want…never arguing through the telephone or with on-line booking agents.

We will link you directly to restaurants, pubs, and bistros around the world. Look at menus in far off lands or around the corner. See today’s prices and specials.

  • Pictures and Videos

Besttimetogo.com gives you the chance to post and share your best photos with others.  See amateur videos shot at cities worldwide to get a real feel for what the city is really like as seen by other tourists.

  • City Profile Window

The City Profile window is displayed when you’ve picked a destination using our globe, search function, or side view navigation menus and clicking on the buttons.

You can see the following information concerning the city you are exploring:

  • Business internet listings for food, lodging, and services.
  • Holidays and festivals
  • Video and photos of the city.
  • Weather and its historical patterns
  • Cost of Living Index for tourists.
  • Categories

Visitors and locals alike do not recall all the services available in a neighborhood or city, even if they live nearby.  We have grouped businesses together into four different categories which allow you to see specials offered directly from these service providers:

Food: Businesses primarily for eating and drinking

Lodging: Places to sleep such as hotels, inns, hostels, and B & Bs.

Sites: Places of entertainment such as museums, tennis or golf courses, amusement parks, nightclubs, or theaters

Services: Tour guides, trainers, tourist & travel services or planners.

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