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Best Time To Visit

Tourist's Daily Cost of Living: $350

This number, in US dollars, indicates the estimated total of standard daily expenses for one person:

  • Brunch -Three-Star Restaurant
  • Dinner - Three-Star Restaurant
  • Three-Star Hotel One Room Per Night
Rate sometimes changes throughout the year depending on high or low tourist seasons. We rate on HIGH seasons so you can feel comfortable in using this as a safe gauge.

Month Temp Rainfall
Jan42 F2 in
Feb42 F1.9 in
Mar48 F1.8 in
Apr53 F1.4 in
May61 F1.4 in
Jun66 F2 in
Jul69 F2.2 in
Aug70 F2.2 in
Sep64 F2.8 in
Oct57 F2.4 in
Nov49 F2.5 in
Dec44 F2.3 in
Month Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
Jan41.5 F1.9 in41 F1.9 in40.5 F1.8 in40 F1.7 in
Feb42 F1.9 in42 F1.9 in42 F1.8 in42 F1.8 in
Mar46.5 F1.8 in45 F1.8 in43.5 F1.7 in42 F1.7 in
Apr51.8 F1.3 in50.5 F1.2 in49.3 F1.1 in48 F1 in
May59 F1.4 in57 F1.4 in55 F1.4 in53 F1.4 in
Jun64.8 F1.9 in63.5 F1.7 in62.3 F1.6 in61 F1.4 in
Jul68.3 F2.2 in67.5 F2.1 in66.8 F2.1 in66 F2 in
Aug69.8 F2.2 in69.5 F2.2 in69.3 F2.2 in69 F2.2 in
Sep62.5 F2.7 in61 F2.5 in59.5 F2.4 in58 F2.2 in
Oct55.3 F2.3 in53.5 F2.2 in51.8 F2.1 in50 F2 in
Nov47 F2.5 in45 F2.5 in43 F2.4 in41 F2.4 in
Dec42.8 F2.3 in41.5 F2.2 in40.3 F2.2 in39 F2.1 in
Cannabis Cup Amsterdam Netherlands www.cannabiscup.com/ht/cancup July 14th 4 Days
North Sea Jazz Festival Rotterdam Netherlands www.northseajazz.nl July 3 Days
Pink Pop Festival Landgraaf Netherlands www.pinkpop.nl May 3 Days
Queens Day Amsterdam Netherlands www.koninginnedag.nl April 30th 1 Day

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