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Travel Journals, a Work of Fiction

In the following writings they are uniquely different from a book or some other publication you might buy at a bookstore.  Most of these are personal journals reflecting personal opinions, incorrect information, misspellings, and other inaccuracies.   I must admit, unabashedly, that once I had embarked on a journey I seldom performed broad research to discover or adjust information I had heard or, at the very least, think I heard or was told so.   

I often tried to write what was happening while it was happening although when I had the time to write entries, I found the most complete and accurate writings were executed immediately after the event was over.  Sometimes, despite my good intentions, were not noted until the following day or even later. 

I’ve written this so that if you find errors, please don’t dismiss these writings because they are merely the reflections from one man’s eye.  I intentionally left personal notes relevant to me and my family included because I wanted to leave the journals in an original and unmodified form. To share a moment with appropriate spice occasionally meant inclusion of minor issues that may or may not be relevant.  In the interest of providing the broadest, most accurate view without abridgement, I chose not to edit. I implore you to skim past those issues.   I did change some words and restructured some sentences or paragraphs but only to keep continuity for the reader.  I found myself writing at the oddest moments and often the events still swirled, not completely formed, in my head. 

The journals, above all else, will try to give you the FEELINGS that I felt.  As I travel I take photos and video but these help me recollect what occurred from my nose out. My journals remind me of what I felt from my nose inwardly.  To me my journals are of infinitely greater importance than my photos because of that. 

So let me ask you, as you read any or all of the journals, try to savor the flavor and feel the feelings.