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Fine Tune Your Travel Plans

Ultimate Secrets of Great Travelers

(Fine Tune Your Travel Plans) …



As you move closer to your departure date, staying on top of the little details will greatly enhance your trip. There may be last-minute political or social demonstrations, major sporting events or musical concerts, or cultural celebrations taking place there that can either derail a vacation or enhance it. A little bit of extra legwork in the following areas can help you enjoy your time away from home.


Packing for the weather:

More often than not, temperatures and rainfall of a specific destination are little more than afterthoughts. Sure, we all find out what the temps will be for the next week, but few of us take into consideration the unexpected rain or frost when we choose clothes for a trip. As well as looking at the current weather, find out the average temperature and rainfall patterns for your destination and pack accordingly. Knowing what to expect is important, and being prepared for deviations is what keeps a vacation on track. Wearing lighter clothing in layers that can be added on top of another is the best way to dress.  As the temperature warms up you can peel one layer after the next to always be comfortably dressed. In the final days before you begin your adventure check to see current weather conditions on sites like www.yahoo.com/weather.



Escaping or embracing tourist seasons:

Most destinations have specifically designated tourist seasons; usually these are framed around local weather conditions. The plus side of getting there “in season” is that there will be no shortage of public events and diversions set up to keep the crowds happy. However, if you don’t like those crowds, then taking your holiday during the off-season can have its rewards as well. For one thing, prices tend to be significantly less for hotels, flights and even restaurants in an attempt to lure in visitors. However, you may want to check and make sure what you’re looking for will be open and available. In some parts of the world, entire communities shut down during the off-season, or have shorter hours of operation. Either way, there may always be last-minute deals for cars, hotels, flights, and entrance fees. Stay on top of your destination.



Finding ways to chat with other tourists:

Nothing compares to talking to the locals once you arrive, but when one has not made the journey yet, the Internet’s plethora of message boards and chat rooms can provide a wealth of insider information to the future traveler. Not only can you acquire information from tourists who have very recently returned, but it’s now possible to chat with travelers who are still abroad and can give you real-time feedback on what they are experiencing in a part of the world you will soon be.  It goes without saying—but we’ll say it: Not all information you find on these sites is reliable, accurate, or truthful.



Scoring the best monetary exchange rates:

Since financial institutions bargain for the best international exchange rates, you’ll usually get the best deal by using an ATM to get cash, or using a credit card for purchases after you have arrived at your destination. (Although some credit card companies charge a fee for out-of-the-country use. Check your policy.) Otherwise, the better exchange rates are found at banks and post offices rather than private currency exchange centers and hotels, which can extract heavy fees.  The list of scams that exist for moneychangers is probably the longest of all. Stick with sources you feel you can trust.