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Why build this website?


  • As avid travelers ourselves, we want to share what we’ve learned with other would-be globe-trekkers so they could find the BEST TIME TO GO to the Most Traveled Places on Earth.   It’s important to have as much information in one place as possible. At least, that’s what we think. So we built this website so that travelers could research and compare potential travel destinations throughout the world in one place. The information you discover here is based on the collective experiences of real people as well as reliable tourism centers and government-generated data.

  • Even today, none of us knew of ways to see menu specials at restaurants in Bejing or explore a hotel, B & B or hostel in Buenos Aires.  We know that if there is a middleman, he’s going to take a cut of the money.  Through this site you are dealing direct with the source every time.

  • When it comes to travel “style” one size DOES NOT fit all.  Luxury to budget; exotic to familiar, we included the full range of services, lodgings, and restaurants for you to choose.  And we’d be proud to know that we helped to get you there.

  • As we began assembling our collected data we found so much more that we wanted our site to show. Click on the tab that reads Unique Features to see a list of what is collected here and nowhere else.