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What is the purpose of this site?

  • Provide travelers the answers to the primary question of Where and When to go on a vacation. There are very few websites in cyberspace that are really designed to do that. (Actually, we couldn’t find anyone other than ours that went right to the core of that question.)  After all, those two questions should be the very first that vacationers ask themselves.

  • It is a reservoir of information on local and world-wide travel services, accommodations, and restaurants.  Most of us live near a major city yet forget the wonderful things to do and see just a short distance from home.  If we found a direct link, we would often post it on this site.   We omitted indirect links that are confusing and often misdirected us to other sites.

  • In every major tourist destination city, worldwide, we’ve included a quick reference guide for what there is to see and do including restaurants (and a look at today’s menu), lodgings (with today’s special offerings passed on to you) sites and travel services.